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Brittany bird dog companions for families.  Brittany puppies for sale on occasion.  Professional Brittany Trainer, Upland Game Recipes, Brittany message board.  Started and finished Brittanys for sale on occasion.

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We are taking reservations for 2016 puppies!


Looking for "How to" Brittany books? 

How about recipe books?  Click here.


SEE Animal Planet ’s “Breed All About It” Brittany episode featuring Dave. Click here for the Animal Planet story.  Animal Planet sells the video of Dave demonstrating Brittanys on birds as well as playing with puppies.  Click here for the Animal Planet site to purchase the show: Click here.

Watch this clip of Dave using D.T. Systems Products on his dogs!

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Puppies available only on occasion with waiting list.


THE Brittany home for fine hunting companions tm


Fine Companion Hunting Brittany Bird Dogs tm for sale to hunting families on occasion (We produce 0 to 4 litters per year.  We are NOT a puppy mill).  Our Brittanys live in / at our home and are our personal companion gun dogs.  They are our devoted companions.


We have a full time training kennel devoted to TRAINING our clients dogs.  Our mainstay is training hunting Brittanys for families, not selling pups.  Come see our Brittanys and clients Brittanys in training.

Let us train your Brittany for hunting and obedience.  Soft & Easy Touch Training for your puppy

We train Hunting Brittanys in Texas for 10 months and in Montana for 2 months every year.  See "Our Services" web page.  Many clients like to join us in Montana when they send their dog to be with us there.

Brittany Bird Dog puppies only on occasion and discounted training if you purchase your Brittany from us.  Purchase a Brittany to hunt from us and if we can't train that pup to hunt, we'll give you your money back.  Our training is guaranteed!   We train the owners for free.  We train Brittanys from any breeder.


Chief's Brittanys ® 12560 C.R. 461, Cross Plains, Texas 76443.  Cell (325) 669-8166.

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What's on this American Brittany (formerly Brittany Spaniels) dog site?  Our Brittanys and free bird dog training help! 

Our life time guaranteed Brittany puppies are for sale on occasion; started & finished Brittanys for sale on occasion.   

Brittany bird dogs for sale on occasion.

Also enjoy free info about Brittanys, also Free Bird Dog Training Tips & Techniques for pointing breeds, Upland Game Recipes, Brittany FAQ's, Wild Bobwhite Quail Hunting info, bird dog training books for sale, bird dog training videos for sale, interesting reading, photos, free mpeg Brittany training videos, flame free Brittany Message Board Forum and more!  This is a large site so please bookmark us now!


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