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10 steps to obtain a Brittany puppy from us.  Click here before contacting us - Now taking 2016 reservations! 


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SEE Animal Planet ’s “Breed All About It” Brittany episode featuring Dave Jones' Brittanys and Brittany Puppies!   Click here for a short clip of the Animal Planet story.   Animal Planet sells the video of Dave, a professional Brittany trainer, demonstrating Brittanys on birds as well as playing with puppies here in Texas.

Watch this clip of Dave using D.T. Systems Products on his American Brittany dogs!

Chief's Brittanys ® featured in other media sources, click here for details.  All rights reserved! 


Brittany puppies for sale to hunting families on occasion.  We are American Brittany dog breeders.


Here's an article Dave wrote on his blog some time ago about "Age range expectations".  It's a great article about what to expect out of your new puppy!  Click here and enjoy!


Psst...Did you know American Brittanys are no longer known as Brittany Spaniels?  The word Spaniel was dropped quite some time ago...


Already on the our reservation list?  Puppy announcements, click here.


We produce 0 to 2 litters per year.  We are NOT a puppy mill which is why it is such a long wait from us & other reputable breeders!  Our Brittanys live in / at our home and are our personal companion gun dogs.  They are our devoted companions.  Even so, we have placed Brittanys in loving hunting homes in Texas, Oklahoma and most every other state in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Hawaii and far East over the last several decades.



A message from Dave Jones, CHIEF, USN, RET.  He is the owner of Chief's Brittanys tm

"Our Brittanys have a long successful history of proven dogs in each pedigree.  Every dog in our program was given much thought before being selected to breed.

Years of hard work breeding the best to the best has been accomplished by many Brittany professionals over many decades. 

At Chief's Brittanys®, we don't take credit for the success of early breeders however, we do take responsibility for what we do with it." tm

Chief's Code of Ethics


Please take the time to read the following as you scroll down to look for Brittany puppy availability:


We have a full time training kennel devoted to TRAINING our clients dogs.  Our mainstay is training, not Brittany pups.  Come see our Brittany puppies (when available) and clients Brittanys in training.


When available, our Brittanys always come with a life time guarantee, no kiddin'. tm


Our Brittanys are perfect for the open prairie and the alder thicket. tm


We produce American AKC / FDSB registered Brittanys (formerly Brittany Spaniels) with Ultra High Stamina, great ground coverage, fast starting, attractive, intensely stylish on point, hard working, easy to train, bird crazy with an outstanding nose, natural hunting, superior intelligence, and of course, fine family Brittany companions.  You can bet a Brittany from us will be a 'brag' dog in the field and at home.


We do not produce French Brittanys (Epagneul Breton's).  If you would like a French referral, contact Dave and he will send you to reputable French breeders.

We do not charge the highest price.  When we do have Brittany puppies, they are fairly priced and guaranteed for life against genetic defects and to hunt.  If for any reason you are unhappy, we will refund your's in our contract!

 Reduced cost training is also part of the contract as well as free unlimited puppy lifetime advice to help you succeed.  Why settle for just a breeder when you could join our Brittany family?! tm.

We are there AFTER the pup goes home, you can bet on it. tm.

Dave, the owner, is retired from the U.S. Navy and trains Brittanys exclusively full time.  Puppies are not his income.

"Please, if you are 'price shopping' or decided that you need a puppy 'right now' (spur of the moment decision), please don't call us, seriously.  We prefer to offer a pup in the future which assures us the adoptive family is planning ahead of time.

We want you to choose us because you have been shopping for reputable breeder and you appreciate what we are all about.

Quality care costs money.  There is no such thing as a 'discount' pet.  There may be a little price difference up front but quality care costs exactly the same over your pets lifetime.  A discount pup will usually end up costing you more in care and training so why not put the odds in your favor?!

If one skimps on the cost of a quality pup, our feeling is that same person will take shortcuts on the pups day to day care, including dog food, housing and expert Veterinary care. 

Our contract requires quality care, annual check-ups, etc. in order to maintain its lifetime guarantee.

If you want a bargain, please consider Brittany rescue!  You'll save the life of the dog and feel good at the same time!  We applaud rescuers!

Our puppies are highly bred with much thought and work put into each and every litter.  We do not ever offer 'discount' pups or have 'extras' left over.  It just doesn't work that way.  We have a list of qualified families waiting should someone not be able to take their pup. 

We never want to be in a rush to find a quality family which is why we have a 12 month waiting list for just a few pups.  We've seen negative outcomes with the 'last minute puppy buyer' but rarely with a family that plans in advance!"



Here are the 10 steps in obtaining a pup from us

First:  Click here for info / FAQ'S about our puppies Before contacting us as most common and unique questions are answered.

Second: Please click here to read our Interview.   Do this first if you are serious about a pup!  We generally discard requests from price and pedigree shoppers.  Our pups are fairly priced among those found on the net from reputable breeders.

Third:  After you have read the FAQ's and read the interview, and are in agreement with it, then proceed to the next step.  If you are in disagreement, there is no need to proceed or contact us.

Fourth:  Submit your interview by clicking here or copy and paste it via e-mail using our contact form.  The interview is consistent with our contract so there are no surprises on pick-up day.

Fifth:  Wait for us to reply as to whether or not your application / interview for a puppy from us was approved or not.  If approved, decide whether you would like the option for first pick of sex (we require you know what sex pup you want in advance, hence pick of sex).  Asking for pick of sex can extend your wait time.  Pay your deposit at that time as that is the only way you can get on the wait list.

Sixth:   Wait for your puppy.  Your wait can be up to 12 full months since we produce a few pups per year on average.  You will not receive any puppy updates until we have a female actually bred with the appearance of pregnancy.  (We have found that the wait is not helped by sending out notices confirming that "yes, we are still waiting for the female to come in season".  That does no one any good.  Watch this page for updates.  If we post a pregnancy and you have not been contacted, contact us by all means.  That usually means you are not on the list for that particular litter.)

Seventh:  Prepare for your new arrival.  Baby / Puppy proof your home & yard, install a new fence or mend an old one.  Shop for puppy toys and such.  Contact pet sitters to determine who is reputable when you go away on vacation / emergencies without your Brittany.  Basically, you should make preparations for your pup in such a way as you would a child.  Safety, welfare, health (A good Vet!), etc.  We will provide you with a supplemental list to prepare for your pup prior to arrival.  This list will answer many common questions such as those about dog food, feeding, shots, etc.

Eighth:  Expect delivery at 7 to 8 weeks of age.  We do allow the 49th day pick as some believe in but encourage you to wait until your pup is a full 8 weeks old.

Ninth:  If your puppy is being flown to you, send your balance due including estimated shipping fees at least 2 weeks in advance of the arrival day.  If not being shipped, plan a day off to pick up the pup by coordinating it with us.  Payment is expected upon delivery.  Summertime heat and wintertime freezing cold can delay delivery if by air.  If that happens, you must pick-up your pup in person.  Thank  you.

Tenth:  Enjoy your pup but remember to take your pup to a licensed Vet within 3 business days of delivery as required by our contract.  You must also routinely / emergently provide health care through a licensed Vet to maintain your lifetime guarantees.

Thank you for considering Chief's Brittanys as a member of your family!

We recommend Pro Plan Puppy formula!


Click here to contact us if you read the suggested material above and wish to discuss one of our pups.  Our interview questions reflect what will be in your final contract.  Please, hunter families only!

Wait time can be up to 12 months.  We have a 12 month guarantee for delivery from date of surety deposit (if you are approved and place your surety deposit).  If after 12 months we have not offered you a puppy or delivered your puppy, we will refund your surety deposit in full*. (*other circumstances outlined in the interview may change these terms).

PLEASE NOTE:  No matter how well we know you or your reputation, every applicant must complete our interview before being placed on our waiting list.  In our interview, you must agree that early withdrawal will definitely result in forfeiture of your surety deposit.  It is tempting to opt out because you found something available sooner so please be sure you are willing to wait.  This is non-negotiable regardless of circumstance so please visit with other breeders to be sure you want our pup with our terms before obligating your family.  On occasion (our choice), we will defer the delivery of your pup to a later litter to help in special circumstances - this is not a refund.

Let's say you don't want to commit to a pup but want to be notified if there are any extra pups.  Sorry, we can't do this.  We don't keep a wait list, there are no extra pups.  Again, You must fill out an application, be approved and place a deposit to get on the wait list.


Taking reservations for spring 2016!

Contact Dave by clicking here! or call 325 669 8166.


Fast Starting, Birdy companion Brittany pups!

Photos from the past for your pleasure (puppies in photos are no longer available)

  5 weeks old!

  7 weeks old!

Click here for a short film of two pups pointing a wing. (MPEG format)

Litter pictures from the past for your viewing enjoyment!

(not for sale)

2 Girls, 3 Boys!


Have a registered American Brittany female (NO French Brittanys) and need STUD SERVICE?

IF YOU HAVE A QUALIFIED DAM AND NEED STUD SERVICE, PLEASE CONTACT US ASAP as we have health and other qualifications in our requirements!  Contact us!

10 steps to obtain a Brittany puppy from us.  Click here before contacting us about availability!

Did you miss reading our interview?Did you miss our Puppy FAQ's?

Click here for more pictures of Pups, Studs, & Dams!

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